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About Extreme Elite GA-09


The MISSION of the Extreme Elite GA Travel Club is to create a non-profit, family friendly, college prep playing environment in which girls can continue their development in an effort to prepare the student-athlete for higher level competition all while demanding sportsmanship, accountability, ethics, academic achievement and service.


Winning is an important metric for any competitive organization, however success for the Extreme Elite GA will have a broader definition. Arguably the most successful coach ever, Coach John Wooden, defined success as the following. “Success is peace of mind which is a direct result of the self-satisfaction in knowing you made the effort to become the best of which you are capable.” We believe our job as a youth sports organization is to teach our student-athletes that hard work, effort, desire, accountability and discipline will prepare them for the challenges that lie ahead both on and off the field and will prepare them to achieve Competitive Greatness in every aspect of their life. Our success will be defined by the overall development of the student-athlete in all phases, not by the number of trophies we collect.


While the Extreme Elite is looking for student-athletes that have a desire to extend their playing career through college the fact of the matter is only 8% of all high school players receive college scholarships and only 1.8% receive a Division 1 scholarship. Those numbers do not reflect student-athletes that leave the game due to injury and/or burnout. The competition for these scholarships is intense and college coaches are not only looking for great athletes but also for the intangibles that go into making one a great human being. These character traits are not necessarily built by spending money chasing trophies every weekend. The goal at the Extreme Elite GA will be to use a multi-pronged approach to help build both the athletic competency as well as the intangibles needed to make our student-athletes shine bright, not only in the eyes of college coaches but more importantly in the world for the rest of their lives.


  • Integrity
  • Ethics
  • Selflessness
  • Accountability
  • Passion
  • Enthusiasm
  • Teamwork
  • Discipline
  • Loyalty
  • Intrinsic Motivation
  • Sportsmanship

College coaches across the country are clear on one major point: “There is no shortage of athletically talented kids! It’s the character attributes of respect, accountability, selflessness and mental maturity we want for our scholarships.”  What are the takeaways after your student-athlete takes their last at-bat or pitches her last pitch?  They can’t take those softball skills with them into life, yet the learned intangibles that a player acquires will be a major factor in the direction of their life from that point forward.

It is impossible to forecast how many, if any of our players will play college ball but one thing is for sure, 100% of our players will grow to be adults and it is our desire to see them be the best person they can be!!!!


The Extreme Elite GA is a high-school and college prep program with the ultimate goal of preparing our student-athletes to play on a higher level whether high school or college. According to information released by the National Fastpitch Coaches Association high school and college coaches are finding that today’s athletes are not being equipped with the tools to compete at the highest level. With the current emphasis on playing time and trophies, coaches and parents are overlooking the fact that their student-athletes are losing the competitive edge from lack of competition, both internally and externally. Helping to build an intrinsic desire to compete and succeed should be the goal of any coach but when a player is given a position instead of earning a position then the student-athlete has no real motivation to work hard. As evidenced by the large increase in the number of transfers in college sports through the vaunted transfer portal, student athletes are choosing to cut and run when faced with internal competition.

As the Bible tells us in Proverbs 27:17: “As iron sharpens iron, so one person sharpens another.”  It will be our goal to use competition as a means of teaching the athletes to work hard for what they desire.  None of this means that if your daughter is not the starter she will not play. We are a development first program and with that it is important to understand that you cannot develop a young player without putting her in the competitive fire.

Teach a girl to hit and she can win a game, teach a girl to work and she can win at life.


In the age of sport specialization for our youth, most all studies show that specialization at young ages more times than not lead to overuse injuries and burn-out.  A study by the American Medical Society for Sports Medicine found that 88% of college athletes surveyed participated in more than one sport growing up. Furthermore, a study by Ohio State University found that children who specialized early in a single sport led to higher rates of adult physical inactivity. Those who commit to one sport at a young age are often the first to quit and suffer a lifetime of consequences.  Noted orthopedic surgeons are warning against specialization due to the number of overuse injuries they are treating these days.   Elite level coaches such as Pete Carroll and Urban Meyer both say their first question of a recruit is “what other sports do you play?” Furthermore, surveys show that college rosters are filled with multi-sport athletes.

If we want to see our daughters excel and give them the opportunity to be an elite athlete it is imperative we study, absorb and implement the information gained from college coaches, health care professionals, elite level athletes and others who are on the front lines of youth sports.

I say all of this to tell you that our program will be designed with a long-term vision to give our athletes the best chance possible to stay healthy, stay engaged and continue to build their overall athleticism as well as sport specific skills.  Our goal will not be to see how many games we can play in a year but will always be the overall development of our student-athletes.


We believe that a scholarship should not be the sole reason a girl should play softball but should be a reward or by-product of hard work, accountability, commitment, discipline, service, integrity and loyalty.  The Extreme Elite GA Fast Pitch Club will use a more strategic and targeted approach to maximize our student-athlete’s development and exposure in an attempt for them to extend their playing career.  This approach will include the following:

  • College camps
  • Private & team instruction by current & former college coaching staffs
  • Individual instruction
  • Friendlies and Tournaments against high level competition only
  • Showcase tournaments
  • Video & social media programs
  • Academic excellence
  • Community service

Softball is deemed an equivalency sport by the NCAA so they are not required to give “full ride” scholarships.  With that in mind it is important to know that a D1 school has a maximum of 12 scholarships per year with an average roster size of 21.  D2 (7.2), and NAIA (10) have less scholarships to give with the same roster size.  D3 does not have athletic scholarships.   As you can see the chances of a full ride scholarship are pretty slim unless you are a highly rated pitcher, so it is imperative to not only be a top-notch athlete but a high performing student as well.  If a coach wants you as an athlete, then it makes his/her job easier to bring you in if they can find academic money for you as well.  Knowing this now gives parents the information they need to start preparing their daughter to be a complete student-athlete.

College coaches are looking for complete student-athletes, not just athletes.  INTANGIBLES MATTER. It will be our objective to build student-athletes that stand out on and off the field.


As a first year 12u team our goal will be to stay within 2 hours of the Cobb County area and will be playing mostly PGF with some USSSA and USA thrown in.  There may be one out of town tournament depending on our progression.  As we grow and develop our goal will be to travel to more regional tournaments and hopefully qualify for nationals down the road.


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